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MPC 3000

take a look at the history of the MPC 3000, which was created by Roger Linn and the Akai Corporation in the mid 1990's ....Read More

Mpc 2000

Take a look at the History of the incredible MPC 2000 and learn some thing you might not have know about the machine.

MPC 2000XL

 Take a look at the History of the impeccable MPC 2000xlMore Information


MPC 4000

Take a Look at the History of Great Mpc 4000

Are you a user of the MPC? is a place where MPC users can purchase floppy disk for their MPC 3000, MPC 2000, & MPC 2000xl.  All sounds are High Density floopy disk and will load in your MPC.
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 We are the number one sound developer for MPC sounds on Floppy Disk. You can buy drum sounds, Hip Hop Samples, Hip Hop Sounds right here on this website.  Whether its for the MPC 2000, MPC 2000xl or MPC 3000 & Mpc 4000  we have you covered. We offer up to date hip hop sounds for the MPC.  Buy Today's hip hop sounds and Hip Hop Samples for your MPC drum sampler.  Browse our site and then buy your floppy disk today. You can listen to our free downloads and demos. These kits have Kick drums, Snares, Hi hats, percussion sounds, FX, and much more.  The best MPC Sounds.

We are the Internet connection for floppy disk for the MPC.  We have the largest collection of hip hop sounds on floppy disk.  These are royalty free sounds. These sound kits, drum samples will load directly into you MPC drum machine.  Take your production to the next level with these sounds.  We sound kits for making hot beats.  We are sure our sounds will elevate your music production. This is a Large Hip Hop Sound Library.

We are designed for today's music makers. We developed a great collection of sounds on Floppy disk for music making production.  This is a very professional urban hip hop sound library produced by innovative sound designers and engineers.  Get started today by making your first purchase and you'll be hooked.  If you're looking to improve your production game then you have found the right site.  These quality sounds will take you from amateur to pro in no time.  These world famous drum sample packages are priced just right. 
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Producer - Adron

"Really love the sounds, I'm starting out and this really took my production to the next level."

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