Original Gansta Series Collection Disk 1 thru 47 $99
The original 47 disk library that put Soundcrafting.com on tha map! Over 1250 bangin' sounds,professionally mastered, fashioned and designed to bring that X-rated heat to your sampler. Check em' out finely tuned all on floppy disk or CD-Rom browse the detailed page list of the individual floppy disk that make up this sets. Either way this comprehensive set is sure to impress. All 47 is just $299.99 NOW $185.50!!

Street Platinum Series Collection Disk 48 thru 97 $99
Soundcrafting.com's Street Platinum SERIES :
Get the entire 50 disk set on floppy here . All Kits on Sale for $3.99
buy Kits on CD-Rom, or Floppy The Future of Hip Hop, R&B and Rap Beats contained in on floppy disk. This is the most comprehensive sound library you'll find on floppy or CD-Rom. It has over 1,900 sounds, Kicks, Snares, Drops, Bass, Synths, EFX's, Hi Hats, Perc's, Guitars, Weird sounds, Hitz, Ambient Noises, DJ Cuts, Scratches and much more!! Don't be left behind using old sounds of yesteryear. Step into the future


Dope Game Series 6 Disk 1 thru 6 $21.99
Just like in the dope game the street stay hot. These sound stay hot. These sounds move beats and keep’em poppin’. We recommend these sounds only for the serious producers who are trying to make professional style beats. It’s not to be taken lightly. The street is watchin’ so step up you game with this series. Buy it today!!


Jackpot Series 6 Disk 7 thru 12 $21.99
You just hit the jackpot. Platinum kicks, supadupafly snares all that good stuff is found in the jackpot. This 6 disk series is packed with classic sounds to increase the overall complexion of your soundscape. It’s strictly dope and very impressive. Buy it today!!

Heavy Hittaz Series 6 Disk 13 thru 18 $21.99
Heavy Hittaz says it all. Pound for pound nothing but that rugged hard hittin’ sounds your production demands. Professionally created and sampled sounds for your MPC. The heat of digital with the warmth of Analog. Load these sounds in your sampler and bring the heat! Buy it today!


Crank It Up Series 6 Disk 19 thru 24 $21.99
Step to your sampler with confidence that you gonna make fire azz beats everytime out the gate. Crank it up will crank up your production skills and add that needed flava to your joints. Move the crowd with your beats. Keep it bouncin’ Buy these joint today!!


Street Sweepa Series 6 Disk 25 thru 30 $21.99
The Best of both worlds. Synths, Drumz, GTRZ, we gotta all in the mix. We keep our Grand Hustle on with this series of sounds. Don’t get it twisted, these sounds will elevate your game and increase your heat. We packin the punch in this series of sounds.


Gangsta Nation Series 6 Disk 31 thru 36 $21.99
We keepin’ it street. These sounds are definitely powerful. You ain’t heard sounds like this in a minute. They’re for everybody and their built correctly. When you hear these sounds you know why we make beatmakers feel the thunder. Gangsta Nation Baby!!! Buy it today!!!!

Street Drama Series 5 Disk 37 thru 41 $21.99
We keep it Grindin’ with this series of sounds. Put your best beats forward with these samples and sounds. Street Certified and Producer Guaranteed to hit ya straight out of the box. Buy it today!!!


Da Block iz Hot Series 6 Disk 42 thru 47 $21.99
What the streets Gotta Do with it? Everything! Da block is hot with this bangin hot series. Loaded with top notch sounds from American soundlab studios. The top producers in the Game use the same sounds we have on these disk. Guaranteed to inspire your creativity, Da Block iz hot and no doubt will brings the heat.


Bumptheory Series 9 Disk 48 thru 56 $32.99
BumpTheory is the Cadillac of Hip Hop sounds, prestigious, but with plenty of horsepower. This series has some real hard hittin' sounds that will take your production to the next level. Bumptheory is an introduction to the elevation of bangin beats.
Order it today.


Rock Da Crowd Series 8 Disk 57 thru 64 $29.99
The Rock Da Crowd Series is for those Club Anthem type beats that pack the dance floor and
rock the crowds at the shows. Put some heat in your sampler with this series. "Game recognize game, you betta recognize that this is simply the best place for sounds."
Order it today


Phatt AZZ Bangin’ Kitz Sereis 8 Disk 65 thru 72 $29.99
Phatt Azz Bangin Kitz : The Revelation for hard hittin' Gangasta Beats is found within this series of sounds. These sounds are street certified and hip hop authenticated.
You can't go wrong with this series. Order it today.

Soundscope Series 8 Disk 73 Thru 80 $29.99
Soundscope is synthesizers, keyboards, guitars, weird azz effects, crazy little sounds and
much more. If you're looking to add that thing that puts you a cut above the rest, then Soundscope is your ticket. Soundscope is that extra touch your production might just need.


Nickle Plated Kitz Series 9 Disk 81 Thru 89 $32.99
The Nickel Plated series is everything from Hip Hop Jazz to Dirty Down South, East Coast,
Miami Bass, West Coast Boogie, Midwest Swing, and that Hip Hop R&B Flava that is killing
clubs and radio all across the country. Nickel Plated Kits will put beats by the pound in your MPC!
Order it today


Chrome Crates Series 8 Disk 90 thru 97 $29.99
Chrome Crates is the DJ Vinyl series. These are some of our nicest kits. This comprehensive
series has everything from "Woofer" shakin' Kicks, to the Crunkest Snares and much more.
The series also boast Los Angeles' DJ Dungeons' Ambiance noise kits, and Atlanta's DJ Whipps Scratches and Cuts disk. Order it today.